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…So yeah she was kinda…crass and…overall quite rude. But y’know also distinctly professional, I think we make a good enough team

Dai calmly finished his summary of his first assignment alongside the rather unorthodox Crow, CCG Rank 2, Pawn Class Investigator Kyoko Yasu, a rather grim woman with a Quinque that resembled more or less an amalgamation between a rather large sword and an even larger bird skull.

Walking beside him was his so-called sister, at least he considered her his sibling, being born on the same batch of trainees on the Moonlit Tower groomed and tailored to be the ultimate weapon to bring forth Ghoul-Kind’s extinction. They stood as a sort of antithesis of each other, Chihori Miyu and him, where he was calm and collected, she was loud and impulsive, but still, they were family, Moonlit Children and behind both of their eyes they hid intellect and senses superior to any normal man or woman.

Dai was dressed in his normal work clothes that he so loved, white dress shirt, black jeans and purple T-Shirt beneath. One detail, however was to be noticed.

They both were drenched in blood from toe to feet.

As it turns out, some more muscle was needed for a particular nasty raid in Ota and they both had gotten to be lucky Pawns randomly assigned to the assault squad. The fighting was brutal, chaotic and all-around highly violent, the usual. They did what they usually did: Kill Ghouls and having fulfilled their mission, they had been released and dismissed.

Sadly, they had dropped them off on the outskirts of Ota instead of on the Safe-Zone which kinda left them with no showers. Which was why they were walking towards Dai’s place in the 7th, an apartment complex assigned to him by the CCG. Despite its simple design, it managed to look high-end as per the ward’s standards with its modern design, white exterior and sleek black metals.

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Chihori was almost... Uncharacteristically quiet. She always was, after a mission where life was lost. Human or ghoul, it made no difference. She might enjoy fighting, but hates death. Always did. Still, she smiled as her brother spoke, laughing a little as he described his new partner.

"Sounds like quite the character..."

The two had always been fairly close, even if Chihori did always tease him for being so up tight. In a lot of ways, the two were such polar opposites that it becomes difficult for the average outsider to believe they could ever get along.

It had been a long walk home, and a bit embarrasing for chihori, being splattered in blood as they were. She hated being seen in such a state. So as soon as they were in the door, she just made a bee line to the bathroom. Screw politeness, she just wanted to be clean!

"I call dibs on the shower!"

She peeled off her soiled clothes, the sleeve of her right arm cut off before the elbow, to prevent it from being ripped open when she releases Migi, the large quinque stored within her robotic right arm. But even Migi was removed before entering the shower, leaving just the stump of her right arm, and the metal junction where the arm connects. Even in this day and age, prosthetics still take proper care and maintenance. Even fitted with Migi so early, Chihori had had to learn how to get around with just her left arm.

Either way, she did not let the handicap slow her down, even if she did take longer than strictly necessary. She was one to treat the shower as a time to relax, and just let the warm water wash away the aches and pains of the day. But even then, her shower was not exceedingly long. With such a militaristic upbringing, a few habits did stick with her.

Once she was finished and towelled off, she poked her head out from the bathroom door, towel wrapped around her body as she looks around before bundling up her bloody clothes and carrying them towards the washing machine, forgetting Migi on the bathroom sink.

"Alright, bathroom's all yours!"

See the mirrors of a wolf behold the Pathfinder

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Dai couldn't do much but to helplessly watch as Chihori shamelessly claimed his bathroom, the young man able to do nothing more but to raise his hand in futility and almost utter a protest when his sister, already beginning to strip shut the door with a loud bang, locking it behind her.

He smiled, preferring to be amused and shook his head in disbelief. The gall of that girl sometimes, he still appreciated her but damn, that was his shower. With nothing better to do and with his body still aching from the fought battle, Dai traversed his living room with slow steps, wincing with every movement. The apartment was not particularly big, nor heavily decorated, the spartan nature of the boy's upbringing showing.

The walls were bare safe for one of the wall sections, covered in maps, photos and newspaper clips over a table were a purple laptop rested, his workspace. His shirt was basically dripping red at this point, utterly ruined and so he discarded it on the floor, forcing his body to stretch, popping joints. Training and hunting had made the boy's body a lean and mean thing, pale muscle taut and healthy, augmented as all the Moon Children.

"Oh" Is his reply to her calling as she exits the bathroom, lean, feminine body covered in the white of towels, moist and clean, devoid of the previous presence of offending blood.

Dai is tired and desperate for his own cleansing and so, he doesn't say much of her current choice of attire, nor thinking on what the hell she's supposed to put on now. Things that, looking back at the situation, he should have totally thought about. Ever the gentleman, Dai squeezes by her with a quick "Thanks" through the narrow space and continues towards his safe haven.

Pants and underwear are unceremoniously removed and deposited in the laundry basket as he enters the shower, allowing the hot water to cleanse both body and soul. Showers were beautiful things, enjoyable, relaxing, he enjoyed them.

So focused on the cleansing sensation that he didn't even remember seeing the Migi strewn shamelessly upon his sink.


Shoving her sullied clothes into the washer, Chihori found herself with little else to wear. Not that she cared too much about such things.

Still, it didn't take her long to realize her mistake. She quickly rushed to the bathroom, left hand holding the towel as she uses her body to press down the the handle, Testing the door to the bathroom, she confirmed her predicament and muttered a bit about stupid detachable arms.

Still, that left her with some time to kick around a rather spartan apartment. Man, the kid was wierd and boring. She never could quite figure out her brother at times. She started poking around the wall of clippings and whatnot before that soon bored her as well. There's gotta be something she can find to do. A game station. Maybe a few books?

Eventually she found her way to his bedroom and flopped down atop the covers, humming to herself as she absentmindedly dragged her hand across the seam of the bed frame between the mattress. It was a common hiding place where she would often hide things when they all still lived in the tower. She still does really.

But as she does, the feeling of paper trails across her fingertips.

Now she's curious.

Rolling over, she goes to tug out the mysterious object, snooping where she really wasn't meant to be.

See the mirrors of a wolf behold the Pathfinder

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Showers are…enjoyable.

The feeling of water droplets gliding down his skin as the soothing warmth embraces him like the mother’s caress he never knew felt…refreshing. But as enjoyable as that little pleasure may have been, Dai Raiden, regardless of age, was a soldier. He was born to fight and from the moment he could walk on his own feet and understand words, a distinct way of life had been ingrained into him.

Long showers thus, were also not his thing.

Emerging cleaner and reenergized. The young man was ready to rest for what remained for the day, considering that he had just gotten out of a rather violent operation, perhaps later, when he recovered a bit, he’d continue with his on-going research on the myriad of cases he was following. Diligently wrapping a cream-white towel around his waist to save his modesty while he calmly hummed a tune, the boy set out to recover his discarded, bloody items of clothing from the floor to properly fold them.

Hm, he was gonna have to clean the floor in a bit.

Only after his discarded outfit was laid before him, folded in the outmost orderly fashion, did he notice the bionic construct sitting calmly on his sink.

He clicked his tongue, half-amused, half-disappointed.

That girl was such a mess, Dai would swear she hadn’t lost her head yet just because it was attached to her body.

Chihori?!” He called, emerging from his restroom, bloodied clothes on one hand, mechanical weapon/limb on the other “You left Migi on the bathroom y’know

Huh, silence.

Well she had to be here, somewhere. Best to get dressed and then continue the search.

But alas, Chihori did have a tendency to snoop around unasked. Dai managed to keep his face calm and unmoving even if the flash of panic dashed briefly behind his crimson orbs.

I wouldn’t do that if I were you

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