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Full Version: Schadenfreude (Com)
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schadenfreude: gekai

( Gekai )

DESCRIPTION: The handle of Gekai, when activated, now sends a flurry of thin fleshy tendrils curling around Kunasou's arm. Whenever the weapon comes into contact with bodily liquids other than Kunasou's own, the tendrils pulse as if living, absorbing the foreign cells to produce an adrenaline/RC chemical cocktail that then is sent to course through Kunasou's veins. This chemical injection kills all pain in his body and sends Kunasou into a tireless, bloodthirsty and euphoric delirium.

Whenever Kunasou uses Gekai to successfully injure a living entity other than Kunasou himself, the following effects occur;

-All pain in Kunasou's body is nullified for two posts. All minor, non-life-threatening wounds heal at the rate of a Ghoul's healing factor during this time. This effect cannot stack and must be triggered by successive hits whenever the two post limit is up.

-He also recovers 1 STM point.
This is not infinite: Schadenfreude can only be used to recover up to one full bar of STM points in one thread.

-He also experiences intense feelings of joy and euphoria.

This imbuement is permanently active. The effects take place when hits are landed.
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