DEVIL'S BACKBONE: Original Tokyo Ghoul Role-Play

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We're finally nearing completion and during this time instead of waiting till everything is finalized we're going to open our doors to those of you have received an email via the old site.

That being said there are things that we are going to ask of you during this time:

- Do NOT openly advertise us till we are 100% complete.
- Keep in mind the site is not complete and things like links or other areas may lead to dead ends.
- Give us feedback. If there's something you find while going through the site that doesn't seem to make sense report it here please!

Thanks a lot everyone and we hope to see lots of familiar faces return.
um why put completed apps in wip area?
Because while someone is working on an application, it is considered a work in progress, after which once you complete it, a staff member has to move it. Since we move completed profile to their correct category once they're completed anyways, there is no need to put completed into another area, then accept them and move them to ghoul, ccg, etc.

- Mina of Staff
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